Project Results

WP1 - Survey and Gap Analysis

This gap analysis, concluding Work Package 1 (Preparation) of the STREAM project – necessary to identify the fine-tuned implementation steps of the entire project – will help to increase the awareness of the current employability & market-needs compatibility situation and pave the road for guided development of the project activities towards its goal. To achieve its ultimate objective consists of 3 main deliverables:

(1) identifying the current state of the graduates‘ qualifications and competencies at the participating countries and the MENA region in general;

(2) surveying of the current and future market trends and needs in terms of skills and competencies of the graduates in the participating MENA partner countries and in the EU;

(3) identifying and defining the exact roadmap to bridge from (1) and (2).

WP6 - Dissemination Strategy

Overall aim of WP6 is to disseminate the project activities and outcomes to assure the maximum outreach is achieved and to infiltrate other universities and regions. Dissemination activities target two main groups: students and employers/industry. Dissemination channels are digital media (students), workshops and seminars (employers).

The Dissemination Strategy includes the organization of 2 major dissemination workshops/seminars, a digital outreach-campaign on social media, a project website containing events, activities, surveys, outcomes etc. of the project, linked to participating university websites, and a “Student-Stakeholders Engagement Portal”.