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Dissemination activity at UMAB „National Exhibition“


Student Center i2E – University of Tlemcen

The SEEC „i2E“ ( at our esteemed partner institution, the University of Tlemcen, comprises three integral components:

  1. SEEC
  2. Maison d’Entrepreneuriat (Entrepreneurship House)
  3. Career Center

These components collectively contribute to the academic and professional development of our students and the broader university community.




Character building/entrepreneurial skills modules at INU

Irbid National University INU currently is hosting a course designed to elevate employability skills, under the title „Personal Development Units / Entrepreneurship Skills.“ This comprehensive course is set to commence on October 14, 2023, and will draw to a close on December 15, 2023. Sessions will be conducted from 11:00 AM to 13:00 PM.


Character building/entrepreneurial skills modules at INU

Irbid National University INU is pleased to announce the organization of a course focusing on the enhancement of employability skills, entitled „Personal Development Units / Entrepreneurship Skills.“ The course is scheduled to commence on October 14, 2023, and will conclude on December 15, 2023. Sessions will be held from 11:00 AM to 13:00 PM.

To enroll in this course, we kindly request you to complete the following registration form:


Publications in algerian magazines about STREAM Meeting in Mostaganem

After a sucessfull week of meeting at our partner university in Mostaganem several algerian magazines published articles about the STREAM project:

Horizons – Quotidien National d’Information:


Last day of coordination and monitoring meeting at Université de Mostaganem

At the last day of our meeting for the Stream project the team spent the day with project management discussions and with setting up future plans for the deliberables. A adapted timeline was published. Partners discussed quality assurance matters and gathered documents for the travel report. The afternoon was dedicated to team capacity building activities such as visit of the campus of UMAB-Université de Mostaganem.


Dissemination workshop at UMAB-Université de Mostaganem

The meeting starts with an update brief from all partners on issues related to the operational manual of the SEEC office. The project manager emphasises on the importance of a sustainability plan that should be included in the SEEC office operational manual. The meeting continues with other issues; finanances, management meeting plans, work packages deliverables documentations, validation of project activities by partners, one to one meetings on issues related to finances and work packages completion. The day ended with a presentation by Marlen Walther, dissemination leader, detailing previous methods for disseminating project activities, and the future dissemination plan for upcoming events. Emphasis was also given on the importance by partners for disseminating their activities utilizing all available tools; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and university websites.


Skills & Employability Enhancement Center (SEEC) at Université de Mostaganem

Today the second day of the Stream Meeting, started by the contact project officer at University of Mostaganem showing the newly established SEEC office at the university. In addition, participants lay out the timetable for the upcoming management meetings and the SEEC offices personal training plans at the european partner institutions. Furthermore, detailed review was contacted concerning the completion of the implementation package.


STREAM partners meeting in Mostaganem, Algeria at University Of Mostaganem

This week, the STREAM partners met in Mostaganem, Algeria at University Of Mostaganem. Thank you for hosting!

Today we started the meeting with updating everyone what we have done in the project so far: the progress of the differenet activities and the Skills & Employability Enhancement Center (SEEC) at PSUT. Samira Temdi, representing UMAB, also held an interview with Marlen Walther from HTWD and Prof. Omar Hasan from PSUT.

Partners from University of Tlemcen, Nile University, Princess Sumaya University For Technology, Riga Technical University and HTW Dresden took part of the meeting. The others join online.



During the summer school at PSUT in July, Irbid National University and Princess Sumaya University for Technology have invited external stakeholders to provide feedbacks on the event as well as to provide workshops and interaction opportunities with the participants. In that sense, Ruth Herrerro Martin from UPCT has presented the Sustainable Development Goals and has asked every participant to connect to them. To do so, she has presented another Erasmus+ funded project, B+NeSDG. Indeed, the website of the project shares valuable resources on the SDGs and wonderful ways for students to be inspired on how to be engaged in a wide range of actions!


Online platform

In order to support the implementation of the SEEC and its activites, Princess Sumaya University for Technology has developed the SEEC portal, that will soon be available online. This platform aims to be a common place for students, industry, employers teaching and community sector stakeholders for them to interact and share learning or working opportunities. Indeed, on the platform will be advertised the different activities of the SEEC (job dating event, internship opportunities, seminars, summer schools, and so on) directly from the coordinator of the activity, and the students will be able to check the details of the activity, register and show their engagement.

The platform will soon be full of resources on the labour market and industry trends for students by presenting news and current opportunities.


Equipment received!

Within the scope of the STREAM project, each participant from Jordan, Egypt and Algeria will receive needed equipment to meet the students’ needs and enhance employability skills. Princess Sumaya University for Technology has received various devices that students will be able to use and learn from their use! Therefore, the university has received different laptops, connected screens and even VR headset to deep into new learning experiences.

These new tools are placed at the SEEC , an inspiring working space where various activities and workshop will take place soon!


SEEC opening

Princess Sumaya University for Technology, in Jordan, will open its SEEC in no-time! Indeed, the Skills and Employability Enhancement Center, developed within the scope of the STREAM project, is almost ready to open its doors and to host activities related to competence building at the university.

It also aims to develop workshops and activities in cooperation with local businesses and will have qualified personnel dedicated to its implementation and development. At PSUT, the SEEC has a lot of interesting devices students and researchers can use, and is also a motivating working space! It goes with learning objective and methodology and will be integrated into the academic system!


Summer School at PSUT, Jordan

From 17th to 19th of July, Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) and Irbid National University (INU) have organised a summer school during two intensive days! Within the scope of the STREAM project, the students have received lectures and workshops on various subjects aiming to improve their employability skills. For the occasion, partners from Riga Technical University (RTU) and Universidad Politechnica de Cartagena (UPCT) joined the summer school in Jordan.

On the first day, Dr. Ibrahim Abuishmais invited students to learn more about the SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy) and to think about the use of renewable energy. As a parallel, Ruth Herrero Martin from UPCT has given a global presentation on the SDGs in general by presenting valuable resources developed through the project B+NeSDG. In the afternoon, she has presented a workshop on storytelling and invited the participants to adopt new perceptions on the world surrounding them while interacting with each other.

On the second day, the entrepreneurship module was presented to more than 30 students participating to the summer school. By using national and international real life models and entreprises examples, students were invited to think outside of the box and develop their own startup ideas. In the afternoon, the critical and analytical thinking workshop, presented by Dr. Mohammad Al Khasawneh, invited students to debate about societal topics.

As a conclusion, students from both universities have been able to discuss and interact as well as enhance their employability skills through various activities.


Summer School at UMAB

On July 12th and 13th, 2023, our esteemed partner, UMAB, conducted a Summer School program. This event featured a series of five highly informative workshops aimed at enhancing the participants‘ competencies. The workshops covered a wide range of topics, including but not limited to Innovation and Start-ups, Patents, Professional Insertion, and Professional Redeployment.

For your convenience, we have provided access to the dissemination materials related to this event below:


STREAM meeting at University Of Mostaganem


Stream Meeting at Mostaganem 27/04/2023


Launch of Quality Assurance and External Feedback in the STREAM Consortium’s Project Management

In the third day of the Riga meeting, the members of the STREAM consortium members were placing a strong emphasis on quality assurances. Quality assurance is an essential part of the STREAM project and overall project management, as it ensures that the project’s objectives are being met efficiently and effectively. The consortium recognizes the importance of quality assurance in maintaining the integrity and reliability of the project outcomes.

During the WP 4 „Implementation & Validation“ workshop, the STREAM partners established a feedback form to monitor how well the STREAM outcomes are supporting external involvement. The feedback system is designed to gather information from external stakeholders and employers to evaluate the effectiveness of the STREAM project outcomes and wether outcomes are meeting their needs.

As a joint action, the consortium implemented a monitoring form for 4.5 „Validation with External Stakeholders and Employers.“ This form is used to gather feedback from external stakeholders and employers to determine how well the STREAM project is meeting their needs and expectations. The monitoring form is an important tool in ensuring that the project outcomes are aligned with the needs of external stakeholders and employers and that the project is achieving its intended goals. Overall, the STREAM consortium is committed to ensuring that the project is meeting the highest standards of quality assurance and that the project outcomes are meeting the needs of external stakeholders and employers. The implementation of the monitoring form is an important step in this process, and the consortium will continue to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the project outcomes to ensure that the project is meeting its intended goals.


Activity at PSUT

On Wednesday, May 09, 2023, from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM, our partner PSUT had the privilege of hosting Mr. Feras Jarar as our esteemed guest speaker. He holds the position of Director of Human Resource & Internal Auditing at Philadelphia Solar. The event took place at the Loai Shamoot Auditorium, PSUT (Princess Sumaya University for Technology).


STREAM Partners Launches Skills and Employability Enhancement Centers in Algeria, Jordan and Egypt

In March 13-17, Riga Technical University (RTU) is hosting the first STREAM (Skills and Training Enhancement in Advanced Manufacturing) meeting in Riga. As the project leader, RTU is honored to host colleagues from Algeria and Jordan, while colleagues from Egypt are attending the Riga week via Zoom.

The meeting aims to tackle several different work package (WP) activities and boost cooperation between partners. To ensure a continuous workflow, partners are mapping the status of WP2, which involves the „Design and Development of an Academic-Complementary Competence-Building System.“ By completing the WP2 activities, the STREAM consortium will be able to take the next significant steps and use the gained knowledge to kick-start the establishment of Skills and Employability Enhancement Centers in Algeria, Jordan, and Egypt.

These centers will provide comprehensive training and support to students, professionals, and the wider community, focusing on the development of key competencies necessary for success in the advanced manufacturing sector. The centers will also serve as a platform for collaboration between academia and industry, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and the creation of new partnerships.


STREAM partner presents summer school at the COP27 event in Sharm ElSheikh, Egypt

On November 16, Dr. Heba Labib from our partner Nile University presented the summer school “Life below Water” sponsored by STREAM at the COP27 event in Sharm ElSheikh, Egypt. Dr. Labib presented it as part of her presentation at the COP27 event. Egypt hosted the COP27 event, a global event aiming to increase awareness about the threats of climate change and the need to limit global warming.

Expected to be implemented in June 2023, the summer school is about enhancing undergraduate students‘ future-proof competencies, in addition to fostering their knowledge of sustainable development goals and improving their green skills. The summer school incites the students‘ interests by introducing a different geographical setting, the red sea, where the students get a sense of adventure by exploring the coral reefs firsthand. The students will be introduced to an emerging problem, coral reef bleaching, and get engaged in finding innovative solutions to help with the problem. Furthermore, students will be introduced to entrepreneurial concepts via designing a business model for their proposed solutions.


Summer School at INU

From October 30 to November 02, 60 undergraduate and graduate students from three different majores (computer science, data science and artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity) participated in a summer school program at the National University of Irbid (INU). The program focused on entrepreneurial topics as well as e-marketing, learning different programming languages and software. Especially the session on the first day, held by the „Pioneers Academy“, dealt with the topics related to entrepreneurship and startups. The summer school was co-financed by the STREAM project. For more information about the program, please download the agenda here.


Stream Team Meeting at UMAB


Entrepreneurs World (EW) made its mark at Nile University (NU)

Entrepreneurs World (EW) made its mark at Nile University (NU) in 24-30 September 2022. This summer school welcomed students from both Nile University and other universities. EW aimed to give undergraduates a taste of entrepreneurship in a practical and engaging way. The program was split into seven different parts, each designed to get students actively involved and help them grasp the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Through hands-on activities and real-life examples, students gained insights beyond just book knowledge. One cool thing about EW was how it brought together students from different universities. This mix of participants added a real flavor to the experience, giving Nile University students a chance to learn not just about business, but also about different cultures and viewpoints. EW was set up like a summer camp, going beyond traditional classroom setups. It made sure students from different places had comfortable places to stay, making sure nothing got in the way of their fully immersing themselves in the program.


Interview with Duaa Nassef from Nile University: Development of a platform for students at NU (WP2)

In the MENA region, the unemployment rate among Higher Education (HE) graduates is among the highest in the world as a direct result of the mismatch between education outcomes and expectations of the labor market. Thus, the STREAM project aims to develop e.g. a platform to support students during their studies, an Academic-Complementary Competence-Building System in workpackage 2. The platform is developed by Nile University (NU). Please, see our interview with Duaa Nassef from NU about what the students portal is about.

Interviewer: Hello Duaa, welcome to our interview about the platform for students at NU. How are you? Let’s start with the first question.
Why is the development of a platform important for students in the MENA region and specifically for NU students?
Duaa Nassef: Hello, thank you for inviting me for this interview! I am doing fine, thank you. The development of a common platform will help students collaborate with other students from the region hence building and strengthening cultural awareness. It allows students to select from a diverse list of activities to build their competency of certain skills, hassle and administrative overhead free enrollment. We also considered gamified, motivation-driven user experience as well as interesting UX/UX. Student benefit from a progress roadmap in career readiness, a dashboard for activity completion and competency proficiency activity completion progress and skill mastery analytics.

Interviewer: How has the development of the platform gone so far?
Duaa Nassef: The UX/UI design is done. We are currently in the process of getting RFQ for the implementation cost.

Interviewer: How will the platform help students in the future? Will the platform be installed permanently?
Duaa Nassef: A common platform for the region will provide an opportunity to exchange different ideas regarding activity implementation with other students in the region. Designing the platform in a way that any university can input its list of activities and quests in a template input style so that the tool is directly equipped with their activities and context.

Interviewer: Thank you Duaa for the interview, for showing us the platform and explain how students can use it.
Duaa Nassef: Thank you, too! Have a nice day.


Successful physical meeting with STREAM partners takes place at PSUT in Amman, Jordan

From 06/09 to 08/09/2022 the STREAM partners met for a physical meeting at our STREAM partner university Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT). Our partners from Amman welcomed us warmly. PSUT aims to be a leading university with international relations, so the university and especially Prof. Omar Hasan is very open to international guests.

During the hybrid meeting in Jordan, the first day meeting focused on presenting progress on the work packages 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6. Each workpackage leader opened a window for discussion on their topic and possible next steps were evaluated. In the following two days there was an exchange between institutions and universities, agreeing on next steps or partnerships for collaborative events. Also the dissemination strategy (WP6) was discussed and the next steps were prepared in collaboration with all partners. On Thursday, our last day of the meeting our project manager Kārlis Valtiņš shared with us administrative matters, answered open questions about timesheets and costs.

Many thanks to all partners for this very productive hydrid meeting and for the interesting cultural exchange with.: partners from Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte (Riga Technical University) with Inga Labsvīra and Timo Turunen, from Nile University with Yomna Elnahas and Duaa Abdelkhalek, from Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) with Sara H. Sabry and Amal Gomaa, from Al Alfi Foundation for Human and Social Development with Yasmin Hussein and Mona Al Mosallam, from South Valley University-Qena with Dr. Farag Khodary, and from Irbid National University INU with Prof. Ahmad Odat and Prof. Motasem Abu-Dawas. Thank you also to NilePreneurs, an initiative for future entrepreneurs from Nile University for cooperation in this project together with Yomna Elnahas. The rest of the partners actively participated online via Zoom.

Looking forward to our next physical meeting!


HTW Dresden publishes paper based on survey of STREAM partners

From May 12-13, 2022, Ms. Garcia Tobar and Ms. Marlen Walther from our STREAM partner HTW Dresden participated at the 12th International Scientific Conference „Business and Management 2022“ which took place in Vilnius, Lithuania and also online. Ms. Tobar successfully presented a paper entitled „Key Entrepreneurial Competences in Algeria, Egypt and Jordan“ handed in from herself, Ms. Walther and Prof. Ralph Sonntag (all from HTW) at the conference. The aim of the paper was to evaluate the importance of entrepreneurship education at universities in the MENA region using Lehner’s “success factor analysis”. Likewise, the degree of implementation was investigated. This method was used to investigate the so-called entrepreneurship education topics. Lehner’s “success factor analysis” showed that the relevance of entrepreneurial competencies varies by country. This resulted in a matrix of more successful and less successful competencies. To find out if there is a country specific influence in this study, the paper dived deeper into the method described by Lehner to find further explanations. A survey filled out by the STREAM partners served as the basis. To see the full version of the paper please click here:


Dissemination Activity at PSUT’s „Promotion Day“

The dissemination event „Promotion Day“ took place on 16/12/2021 and included a stand-up with a STREAM roll-up banner by PSUT staff. During this event, the team gave away some flyers and mugs as shown on the pictures below to promote the project’s activities. Many PSUT students and staff visited the table and received comprehensive information about the project.


Presentation of the STREAM Project by PSUT at the final workshop of the DAAD project

Prof. Omar Hasan from PSUT was attending the final workshop of the DAAD project TWEED. The conference was set for 5th to 11th of December, 2021. During this workshop Prof. Hasan took the opportunity to present the STREAM project, did receive good attention from the audience and a couple of participants asked for the presentation afterwards.


Dissemination Activity at PSUT’s event „Clean Energy Talk“

The „Clean Energy Talk“, which took place on 02/12/2021, was organised by PSUT’s STREAM team in collaboration with the Association for Energy Technology, PSUT’s student association. During this event PSUT hosted two guests, both tackling the clean energy issue as it is related to one of SDGs. Many students and some staff members have attended the event and there was a very good dialogue between the speakers and the attendees. PSUT’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija, also attended the event and spoke about the importance of clean energy. For more information, please see the Clean Energy Talk poster here.


Participation at Erasmus+ KA171 International Staff Training Week

On behalf of the RTU International project unit, STREAM partners were invited at the Erasmus+ KA171 International Staff Training Week which was held online from 23rd to 24th of November, 2021. The main purpose of this event is to introduce with European University of Technology initiative (, that RTU and UPCT are part of), to share experiences and to introduce new Erasmus+ program, to widen and strengthen the cooperation with our partner institutions, and to facilitate networking. Erasmus+ KA171 International Staff Training Week was open for Administrative or Academic staff of RTU’s Partner Higher Educational Institutions. The other participants of the International Staff Training Week were also introduced to the STREAM project.


Dissemination Activity at RTU for students of „Global Leadership“

On August 25th, the RTU team had a great opportunity to disseminate the STREAM project and already generate results. The dissemination activity was hosted for a group of foreign students, who were spending their summer at RTU studying Global Leadership. RTU was also advancing the STREAM banner.


Special Stand for STREAM at the National exhibition for innovation, entrepreneurship and employability at UMAB

Our STREAM-partner University of Mostaganem (UMAB) has organized the first National exhibition for innovation, entrepreneurship and employability. The event took place from 16th to 17th of june 2021. The project STREAM was in the program, a special stand was reserved for the project by Mrs Samira Temdi, Head of Cooperation and Inter-University exchanges from UMAB. Another STREAM-partner, the University of Tlemcen (UABT) was invited, too. The team from UMAB presented the results of WP1 to students, teachers and also to national companies. For more information, please download the poster here.


Results of „WP6 – Dissemination Strategy“

The Dissemination Strategy from WP6 has been published unter the page „Project Results“. The overall aim of WP6 is to disseminate the project activities and outcomes to assure the maximum outreach is achieved and to infiltrate other universities and regions. Dissemination activities target two main groups: students and employers/industry. Dissemination channels are digital media (students), workshops and seminars (employers). The Dissemination Strategy includes the organization of 2 major dissemination workshops/seminars, a digital outreach-campaign on social media, a project website containing events, activities, surveys, outcomes etc. of the project, linked to participating university websites, and a “Student-Stakeholders Engagement Portal”.


Official publication of the results of „WP1 – Gap Analysis“

In May 2020, the results of „WP1 – Gap Analysis“ were announced. The gap analysis, concluding Work Package 1 of the STREAM project – necessary to identify the fine-tuned implementation steps of the entire project – will help to increase the awareness of the current employability & market-needs compatibility situation and pave the road for guided development of the project activities towards its goal. Reports of the surveys, the Survey Final Reports, the Gap Analysis and several Infografics you can find here.


STREAM Kick-off Meeting

The STREAM kick-off meeting was successfully held on 08/12/2020. In preparation for the meeting, all participants had read the project plan. All 12 project partners were present. This meeting was about the presentation of the project and getting to know each other. Towards the end, the tasks for the next months were defined and with which Work Package (WP) should be started.