What is the STREAM project?

University Student Capacity Building: Towards Readiness for Sustainable Development-Oriented Regional Job Market / STREAM

In the MENA region, the unemployment rate among Higher Education (HE) graduates is among the highest in the world as a direct result of the mismatch between education outcomes and expectations of the labor market. Thus, this project aims to develop a generation of globally-exposed HE graduates equipped with the essential character and social and cognitive skills blended with academic competencies. This generation will have a higher degree of readiness for the fast-evolving community and job market and be capable of integrating effectively into a multicultural, diverse eco-system. Student-Stakeholders Engagement Portal, where employers and students share their profiles, and both have an open arena to engage in internships, summer jobs, and capacity-building programs, which are essential in the proposed integrative (academic/extracurricular/industry engagement) approach.